Monday, April 16, 2012

Greenland and Flipflops

(After a challenge given by A. S. King at Purnell School's 10th Annual Night of Creativity to write at least a 10-line poem using Greenland and flipflops as subjects-- in the span of about an hour-- here are the results)

I used to wonder why Greenland had that name
Floating near the Arctic, How green could it ever be?
It's a misnomer.
Like calling a fat guy, Slim
Or a tall guy, Shorty
But I think Greenland may be hearkening for a moniker of truth

I bought three awesome pairs of boots this winter
With a blizzard in October I was sure we would be crunching through snow
In our Easter dresses like we did in 2011
But global warming has confused my wardrobe
And the new footwear for Christmas in the Northeast
Has apparently become flipflops.