Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Back Taxes and Our Politicians

Ok, so I don't blog on a regular basis. That doesn't mean that things don't fly into my head ALL the time that I'd like to ponder in a public forum. But this time--- I just HAD to log in to the ol' blog and ask the question--- WHAT THE FLIP!!?!? Clinton had this same problem with the whole "nanny-gate" issue and his nominees. And now Obama is needing to admit his "screw up" about Dashchle who, by all accounts is a "good man." Geitner got confirmed by the skin of his teeth and the fact that he wrote a check for $34,000. Here's the thing--- WOULD YA think that perhaps our dang tax system is WHACKED the heck out if the people who created it can't even get it right? If they are loopholing and dodging and trying to cut corners--- sheesh. "Joe Six-Pack" only makes 34, 000 a year, so he can't exactly evade that much tax!! Why does "Steve Twelve-Pak" get mean letters from the IRS for back taxes equalling $2000 and why did "Leslie Love Handle" get an actual call from the IRS the summer after graduating college for them to remind her that the student exemption no longer existed if you made more than $200 a year. GIVE ME A FREAKIN' BREAK--- Daschle owed hundreds of thousands of dollars and he's a "good man" HOW MANY people out there are not giving the government its due if people in high places AREN'T? But NOOOO the IRS knocks on our doors. Grrrr. Washington--- anyone interested in the flat tax again??